The “Eco-Bud” technology selling!

The house construction of the pressed straw in a wooden frame!

The density of the pressed straw in the panel frame is 100-130 kg / m3.

It eliminates the straw shrinkage over time!

The PRICE of our proposal is minimal, but the VALUE is immeasurable!

  • The franchise payback returns already during the construction of the first house.

  • The similar technology in Europe is estimated at 1 million dollars.

Why does our franchise have a low price? – Because we want to create a team of our partners to be the sustainable network of green builders and the trusting relationship with our customers!

1 500 Euro

3 500 Euro

The press drawings for press production on your own  

(107 pages)

  • The requirements and the recommendations for:

    • the hydraulic stations
    • the hydraulic cylinders
  • The step by step assembly instructions

The completely produced press

(excluding the cost of the hydraulic station and the hydraulic press)

  • The hydraulic fluid 50 €

  • The hydraulic station  400 €(used) — 1500 €(new)

  • The hydraulic cylinder  100 €(used) — 800 €(new)

  • The self-delivery from Khmelnitsky city

  • The customs expenses  ~ 140 €

The press specifications

The attachments for straw pressing machine in a wooden frame are:

  • The equipment user`s manuals
  • The wooden frame production drawings for making orders in joinery workshops

The density of the pressed straw in the panel frame is 100-130 kg / m3.

The required operating personnel: 2-3 people.

The output: 4-8 panels per shift.

The standard straw pressed panel — 1250 * 3000 * 400, weight 200 kg.

The maximum possible panel height is 4500 mm.

The press overall dimensions: 1764 * 1228 * 5528 mm.

The power consumption: 3 kW / h.

The equipment setting up is not required; it can work already after the assembly. The changing  from one panel size to another is about 5-7 minutes.

It is required smooth concrete surface under the press machine.

The manufacturing facility needed (with a ceiling height is not less than 5 m.) — 100 sq.m.

The warehouse for the raw materials needed — from 200 sq.m.

The finished products warehouse needed — from 150 sq.m.

It is desirable to buy the straw bale sized 450*400*900 as the machine is designed for pressing such square bales.

It is desirable for the bale stacker to make the baled straw with the maximum capable density.

The specifications

The table of contents

1. The technical requirements

1.1 The basic parameters and the dimensions

1.2 The characteristics

1.3 The requirements for the raw-stuff, the materials and the purchased products

2. The control methods

3. The packaging, the storage and the transportation

4. The instructions for the installation and the operation

5. The marking

6. The completeness

7. The manufacturer’s warranty

8. The requirements of the safety and the environmental protection

The connection nodes drawings

The table of contents

  1. Unit 1. The groundsill  fixing
  2. Unit 2. The wall panel fixing to the groundsill.
  3. Unit 3. The wall panels compound in the plan.
  4. Unit 4. The wall panels fixing to the overlap.
  5. Unit 5. The jumper attaching
  6. Unit 6. The window sill fixing
  7. The sections of the wall

The wall panels drawings

The table of contents

  1. The ordinary panel (variant 1)
  2. The ordinary panel (variant 2)
  3. The ordinary panel with the  aperture. The general view
  4. The ordinary panel with the aperture . The bottom part
  5. The ordinary panel with the  aperture. The top part (variant 1)
  6. The ordinary panel with the  aperture. The top part (variant 2)

The production of two panel types! →

An example of the wall panels design documentation

The straw panel prices calculation

One standard straw panel (1250 × 400×3000) contains:

  • Timber — 0.1 m3

  • Straw — 12 bales (400 × 450 × 900)

  • Plywood — 1 m2

  • Bolts, nuts, screws — $ 10

  • Work (up to you)

You can count the straw panel cost by your own according to the listed materials price in your area.

The farmers have free straw and wood for which other people are paying!

We also offer

The clay plaster

  • You can invite the «Glynco» company specialists for clay plastering works.

  • Or order the clay mixture proportions (by providing samples of clay and sand) and do the plastering work on your own.

The basic wall plaster

What is included in the service Internal 

(price for m2)


(price for m2)

The amount of the plaster per m2 40-50 kg. ~ 3 сm.

$ 6,5/m2

20 kg.


The fiberglass grid $1 +
The setting staff (the mixture which glued the grid) 5 kg./m2 — $1
The polypropylene fiber —  1 tonne of the plaster/1 pack 1 cent +
The marks $0,5 +
The dlivery $1 +
The work $ 6 $ 5
The extra work $ 0,5 +
The work with the scaffold $ 0,6 +
In total $ 16 $ 11

The fine clay plaster —  $14 /m2

The plaster mixture selection — $ 155

The consultations — $ 20

The work terms  ~  1,5 months

The launch of your production and the employee training

  • Our foreman will come to you, establish and launch your production.

  • He will teach your people and clarify the nuances of panel manufacturing .

  • The service price: $ 1000 +the transport, the nutrition and the accommodation.

The architect services

Learn more!

The passive straw houses can reduce the expenses by 90%!

The straw panel house has a low thermal conductivity. That is why straw house is very  warm and economical, but for the further energy efficiency increasing of the passive house the solar installations, heat pumps, solar kits are used.

You’ll forget all about the big bills!

The straw studies as the building material were conducted by the University of Bath, England. It proved that the straw walls provide twice more insulation than it is required by the building regulations.

Do you want to elevate your status and to be the part of the successful project?

I offer you to become the partners in the ecological building business!

  • Having our technology of straw and wood building you get the right to create on its basis your own business.

  • If there is a single project organization, you and your customers will always be provided with all necessary house drawings:

    1.The architectural project.

    2.The design documentation for the straw panels production.

    3. Our consultations.

  • When you became the part of our single network you will get the partners not the competitors.

  • You will get your own page and the representative section to publish your news and photos of your objects on our website.

The advantages of the technology

  • The high quality of the straw pressing in our press.

  • The straw panel is very simple in the mounting.

  • The straw is very cheap insulation material.

  • The panel construction is very fast: you can build home in 3-10 days.

  • The easy learning technology.

  • The straw houses are easier to heat, that can reduce the expenses up to 90%.

The frequently asked questions

  • Do straw burning? The pressed under a pressure of 2 tons per 1 square meters straw can not be set on fire! It is practically impossible. Moreover, when the straw panel is plastered with clay mortar on both sides two sides, the flammability factor will be zero.

  • The mice do not eat it! The straw panels compression density is so high that it prevents the attempts to eat it in many species of the rodents, not  only the mice. Besides, the outer layer of the clay or any other coating makes straw unavailable for the insects and the rodents.  And finally, the most important reason that neither the rodents nor the  insects do not eat straw is a low content the nutrient in it.

  • The earthquake. Sometimes it seems that if the house is made of straw and clay, not of stone or brick, it is not reliable and durable. At the very least, it is interesting how the straw house can withstand the earthquakes…

  • The durability! The experience has shown that the properly constructed straw building will be stand 100 years or more. The scientists have proved that the first adobe houses have appeared in 3500-4000 years BC in the Trypillia. Do not doubt in the straw house reliability — it is no less than the other houses types!

When we’re together – people know us and trust!

Europe and America are building the straw panels houses for a long time!!!

And they’re ahead of the world!

They appreciate such building!
Become the first eco-builder in your area!

The map shows the location of the houses of straw panels.

We will mark the location of our partners in the same way!

Become our partner now!

The market is free for eco-building!

You will get the partners not the competitors!

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