The «Eco-Bud» manufacture is in Portugal now!

The framed straw ecohouse in Portugal, Spain. The warm passive house in Portugal. The straw panels. The passive cottages and the country houses —  the construction, the price,  the projects!

The straw panel house in Portugal!

The eco-friendly and interesting family house!

The modern design and the comfortable accommodation!

The "EcoBud" technology is in Portugal!

For all our clients from Potougal and Spain the wonderful opportunity was opened — the house manufacturing of the straw panels in Portugia, Montijo. The passive warm ecohouse is now available in Montijo, Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Braga, Evora, Faro!

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The advantages of  the straw panels house 

  • It is easy to assemble and it saves a lot of time.
  • The straw houses can reduce your expenses.

  • It does not require the complicate construction equipment.
  • The constructions strength.
  • It provides the excellent state of the health.

  • The house biopositivity.

  • It has the walls that can «breathe».

  • The simplicity in the finishing works.
  • The house has high fire safety.
  • It has good sound insulation.
  • It provide the construction of buildings of any type.
  • The presence of construction partners in many regions.

The manufacture of our partner is completely ready for  your orders fulfillment!

Our Portuguese partner already has experience in the «EcoBud»construction technology! As confirmation you can see the photo of a new built straw house in Portugal!

The projects of the straw panels houses

In our archive there are a lot of straw panel house projects, which can be interesting for you!

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The «Cupid» Project 

The «Atlant» Project 

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