Logo_ecobud_engEcobud is a company whose goal is to build high quality eco-friendly and energy efficient home.

Our team is people who have achieved success through their own energy and labor.


Since 2013, we opened a brand new technology building homes – technology ” Ecobud .” The essence of technology is that your home is manufactured in the production segment , and then as a designer is going to land in a few days.


We will not write that professionals are working our company, because it has to be itself.

Our team consists of people, who has its own history and their aspirations in life. And together we are moving toward a single goal: to make our world environmentally friendly, open people’s eyes to the use of natural materials cheap , to show how fashionable you can live in harmony with nature and to breathe clean air in your home.

Work of ” Ecobud ” – make the world more beautiful.

The man is not so much a truly valuable things : only one life , only one family and only one , truly native house in which you live and work.

And believe me , the company ” Ecobud ” knows how to make your home the most cozy place to relax and work for you.


Owner Igor Sobol