Straw panel press EcoBud Model 3

At the moment, I have developed another, new, completely new type of press.

Straw panel press EcoBud Model 3

1. Ability to produce panels with a thickness of 400; 500; 600 mm.

2. Ability to produce panels up to 9000 mm long.

3. Ability to transport the press in a cargo bus, no trucks, as it is divided into main work units.

4. Dimensions in assembled form:
Length 7 m (10 m and 13 m)
Width 2000
Height 1350

5. Adopted 1.5m hydraulic cylinder, which makes the work much more convenient and faster.

6. The table of the pressing work area has been completely updated.

7. The pressing element of the hydraulic cylinder runs strictly along the rails, which completely eliminates left-right, top-bottom vibrations and makes it possible to clearly press and fix the panel frame.

8. Sliding stops for setting the width of the panels are fixed with a simple cylindrical lock, no bolts. Now it is 3 times more convenient and faster to set the size of the panel frame width.

9. The panel frame is placed on a specially designed place provided on the sliding stop, from now on the panel frame will no longer wedge from skew.

10. The table of the working area, as well as the rest of the elements of the press, are made of a more powerful channel, pipes, corners of solid sheet metal, which will increase the durability of the press.

11. The table for the stop stroke is 3 meters long and if it is made in 2-3 pieces, longer panels can be made accordingly.

12. The stop walks on the table and is fixed with cylindrical clamps in the side channel, which allows it to be moved very quickly to the desired length.

13. The new version of the press eliminates parts that may bend or lose their threads over time.

14. When dismantling and assembling the press to a new location, it is very easy to adjust it.

The cost of drawings for self-production of the EcoBud Model 3 press is 3500 Euro